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The TMI provides access to training in the use of the latest Product Lifecycle Management and Simulation software, enabling the development of 'digital twins' that support design, visualisation and testing in a virtual environment. Digital twins are the foundation for 'virtual commissioning', a process that greatly mitigates risk prior to physical production. A range of visualisation platforms will be available to support engagement in this process.

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Innovative Manufacturing Accelerator Program

The TMI provides access to the Innovative Manufacturing Accelerator program run by the New Venture Institute in collaboration with the Australian Industrial Transformation Institute. Funded by Auslndustry the IMAP brings startups, researchers and established companies together to accelerate product development and commercialisation processes.

Co-design methods involving end-users in product/service design and application are at the heart of IMAP and will also be supported at Tonsley through the SA Government’s Ageing Well Living Laboratory.

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Robotics and Automation Emerging Technologies Interest Group

The Robotics and Automation Emerging Technologies Interest Group (RAETIG) is interested in the advancement of manufacturing through the increased understanding and application of robotics and automation.

RAETIG meet regularly to share knowledge about new technologies, and the application of those technologies. Meetings include site visits to businesses using, or looking to use, automation and showcases of supplier technologies.

Members include robot programmers; manufacturing engineers; production leaders; students; academics; business owners equipment providers; and integrators. Members share their experiences in meetings and often collaborate outside meetings to learn even more. Several business opportunities have emerged through collaboration between members.

Find out more about past RAETIG meetings here.

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The TMI is helping to build higher levels of i4.0 maturity in South Australian industry through peer to peer-based capability building and action research partnerships that substantially increase the number of i4.O use cases in Australia.