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Twenty lucky RAETIG members were treated to a visit to the exceptionally high-quality facility of REDARC in Lonsdale SA on Thursday, October 24.

We learnt about the values of REDARC and their commitment to customers, quality control and research and development.

We focused on the innovative robot cell that has recently been commissioned to aid in the assembly of the very popular product, the Tow Pro 2.

The cell has been entirely designed and programmed in-house and uses three Universal Robots – (1x UR 10 and 2x UR5s) in addition to part feeding hoppers and a pallet handling system for the PCB carriers, and the Pickit 3D vision system.

It is rare to see 3 collaborative robots working together, and Mitsubishi PLC is used to coordinate the movements.

Josh Evans and Mitch Adams gave us a nothing-hidden analysis of the project.

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